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Untitled, 2016. Walkable installation, raw particle board and thermochromic paint 10 x 1,90 x1m, Photo: © Eva Würdinger

A mobile phone camera moves through a 1:50 model of the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich and captures images as if from a person documenting the room. Models of rooms and true to scale objects are part of the work process. The coordinates space and movement form the departure point of projects by Remigius Gnetner and Janine Maria Schneider.
For the exhibition Aura Undercover they constructed a walkable installation. The position of the object refers to a geomantic finding: “In the area of the info lounge there is an energetic congestion, which causes the feeling of walking slightly upwards. It seems to be the energy of Strauchgasse, whose prolongation passes exactly through this part of the Kunstraum.”1 This effect informed a spatial construction.
The surface is covered with thermo-chromic paint, which becomes active at a temperature of 27 °C and above. Physical contact leaves a print that fades away within a few minutes until it is no longer visible. The interaction of the audience animates the surface.2 

1"Geomantischer Befund Kunstraum Niederoesterreich. Altes Landhaus 1014 Wien, Herrengasse 13, 2016." The geomantic findings (German) can be requested:
2Text: meanwhile... Catalogue about the 2016 performance focus, Christiane Krejs (Hg.), VERLAG FÜR MODERNE KUNST, Vienna 2016.

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Photo: © Gnetner/Schneider

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Photo: © eSeL