i usually do not go on stage, 2013. Live Performance 20', Prospekthof Vienna Photos: Anita Moser

i usually do not go on stage is taken from the book the same again and programmatically stands for my artistic works until present.
The live performance is a translation from the same again. The text is viewed as the score of the performance and is staged by two performers, Nora Jacobs and Dorothea Zeyringer. The performers translate the text using their performative language, and the choreography in the prospekthof originates by means of these elements. A spatial-dynamic relationship develops between the spatial level and the level of the performers.
In a sense, the performers enter the space as the place of the script. In an almost circular movement, a reflection of the preceding plot takes place and constructs or spatialises the dramatic climax and the repetition of the book.