the same again, 2013. Artist Book, 140 Pages, 13 x 21 cm, Edition 350

The text of the book the same again deals in content and typography with the absence of the great performance. The position of the text on the page describes a movement which continually thematises blank spaces, gaps. Between-spaces in-between letters, blank pages, sentences which overlap at the page break or the book fold affect a certain reading rhythm on the one hand, whilst sounding out the possibilities of a written performativity on the other.

Once more, this is especially highlighted in the mirroring of the book. The reader finds themselves in the middle of the book, whilst the middle is at the same time an end, and therefore also a beginning, as when the book is filmed it starts once more from the beginning. An infinite loop of the same again begins.

The cover design as well as the sabon roman font conform to that of a classical novel. Uncoated paper and a font with serifs were consciously chosen to ensure a better readability. This is broken however in that the letters are visible through the page and are deliberately integrated with the text on the other side. The first and last pages are printed on transparent paper to graphically separate the words edition and copyright from the rest of the book.